Tove: The Biopic That Captures the Life of Tove Jansson

Tove: The Biopic That Captures the Life of Tove Jansson

Tove is a biographical film about Finnish Author Tove Jansson. She is better known for her children's book called 'Moomin'. Apart from that, she is an artist, illustrator and comic strip author. The film depicts her life as an artist and her struggle about freedom and relationship in a complex way.

Born in an artistic family, Tove's father was highly supportive. But he never showed approval to his daughter, putting her in a frenzy. She dwelled her whole life for his appreciation without any success.

Tove Jansson loves to dance and move freely. It shows her love for freedom and carefree life. But her relationship binds her to people. And because of that, she finds it troublesome dealing with emotions. Her lover Atos Wirtanen cannot afford to show his affection towards her. It is all because of her freedom-loving nature that puts him in that state. Toves' other lover, Vivica Bandler, plays a strong personality. But when it comes to intimacy and commitment, she shies away.

All her life, she tries to find freedom in her work and personal life. The struggle of an artist who is good at what she does is shown in the film. Her personal life pulls her to the ground while she likes to be a free spirit. It puts her in a different state at different times.

In the end, Tove finds her call for freedom by creating the Moomin books. It is her way of exploring her fantasy and space that she seeks so dearly. The viewer will be mesmerized by the close details that the director worked with the actors. The film is taken from an artist's point of view on life. The balance that they have to keep with personal life, sex, emotion and sacrifice go beyond the understanding of ordinary people that surround them. It is a good, worthwhile film to watch and learn how life is of a person with many qualities and complications.