Top 3 Mission Impossible Films of Superstar Tom Cruise

Top 3 Mission Impossible Films of Superstar Tom Cruise

The shooting of the seventh season of Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible got paused again. The possible reason for delaying the shoot is CoronaVirus. Although there is no confirmation, half of the gossip is claiming that Tom Cruise is the reason behind this pause. Tom was seen absent from the sets for a long time which added fuel to the fire.

Since the filming got postponed, the release of the film may also get delayed. The current slated release date is 21st November. Although we can do much about the delay, we can indeed go back in time and rewatch some of the franchise's classics. To make your work easy, here we will rank the top series of this spy franchise. So, let's not waste time:

Mission: Impossible (1996)

The original is always best. We still can't forget some of the iconic moments of Ethan Hunt throughout the movie. That wire sequence where Tom Cruise was dressed in black and hanging by a wire from the sailing probably the best scene of the entire series so far.

Mission: Impossible - Ghost protocol (2011)

Suppose we make the list of Ghost protocol. It will still come as the second pick among the entire Mission: Impossible franchise. The Ghost Protocol franchise may seem dated, but it is a complete action, comedy and higher stakes. The movie brought a fresh coat of paint for the audience. That scene of Tom Cruise hanging on the wall of the tallest building will forever remain iconic.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)

Fallout is the most recent instalment of the Mission: Impossible franchise. Here, you will see the consistency of cohesive work behind the camera. The director tried to give it a completely different touch with a bold new perception yet managed to keep its signature. Fallout is all about the brilliancy of the director.