The Most Essential Network Monitoring Software for Businesses

The Most Essential Network Monitoring Software for Businesses

There are hardly any businesses without an in-house or outbound network of connectivity. It can be as simple as a few routers connected together or very complicated with firewalls, servers, data protection tools, etc. Whatever the case, a network monitoring software can go a long way in looking after your networks, routinely monitoring performance, accounts, and faults.

Top three network monitoring software

When it comes to network monitoring software, one size doesn’t fit all. It depends mainly on the type of network you have, the kind of applications and firewalls, and of course, the budget you can spare. Anyways, by considering different factors, we have listed down the best network monitoring software below:


SolarWinds is a network monitoring software perfect for any business, irrespective of its size. It is a standalone program that needs to be deployed on-site. The application is available for both Windows and Linux devices, starting just below $3,000. You can also test it before purchasing, thanks to its 30-day trial period.


If you would rather pay per host or month, Datadog can be an excellent option. It is available both as an on-premise application or Saas. It also has a wide range of compatibility, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Ubuntu, CentOS, Redhat, etc. For a single host, you only have to pay a measly $5 per month.


Atera distinguishes itself from its competitors with its smartphone compatibility; you can use it to monitor your networks on both android and iOS devices alongside the most popular PC operating systems. It is entirely hosted on the cloud and charges $79 per technician. There are no device restrictions under their plans.

Note that your network monitoring software should be able to monitor your entire IT infrastructure while offering automatic configurations. Once that’s sorted, you can choose whichever one suits your needs the most.