The Biggest Legends of Wales National Football Team

The Biggest Legends of Wales National Football Team

The nation of Wales is better known for rugby. The country is now flying high due to their current success in football. Wales national football team is making history in the UEFA Euro championship by reaching the knockout stage three consecutive times. The team is now the talk of the town. They have already qualified for the round of sixteen in UEFA Euro 2020. On Saturday, unfortunately, they went out of the tournament in the hands of Denmark.

Denmark is undoubtedly the favourite and will get the maximum support from the netizens, but we can’t forget the history of Wales. They were the semi-finalist of 2016 and have done well in the group stage of UEFA Euro 2020.

In a recent press conference, captain Gareth Bale has said that it feels weird as they don’t have all their fans cheer on them. On the other hand, the coach of the Denmark national team has said that we respect Wales, we are aware of their qualities.

The Superstars of Wales Football

On Saturday night, the team depended on some of their legendary players. Although it finished in disappointments, let’s have a quick look at the legendary player of all time.

Billy Meredith

The first international legend of Wales was one of the best players in that era. He has become the hall of fame in Wales for his remarkable contribution.

Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale is the current and living legend for Wales national football team. The left-winger is currently leading the team. Bell has been the top scorer for Wales in Euro 2016. He has become the best Welsh player for the fourth time.

Aaron Ramsey

Aaron Ramsey is a box-to-box midfielder who has earned over 69 caps and made 13 international goals for the team. The midfielder became the top assist provider for the UEFA Euro 2016.