The Best Chromebook in the Market: Lenovo and Others

The Best Chromebook in the Market: Lenovo and Others

Chromebook is mainly a type of laptop or tablet that runs its operation through Linux based Chrome OS. It mainly uses the Google Chrome browser to get the maximum task done. Not a long while back, Chromebooks used to come in very basic models - whether from Lenovo or some others. Those days are gone now and you will find so many versions with a great set of versatile features. The use of Chromebooks is increasing rapidly especially in the education sector.

The Best Chromebook in the Market

If you are planning to switch from laptop to Chromebook then this article might help you. Today here we have tried to pick some of the best of recent times.

Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook

This impressive Chromebook from Lenovo will definitely confuse you but in a good way. This incredible invention comes in a two form factor with the versatility of Chrome OS. This is very lightweight and easily portable. The long-lasting powerful battery provides the non-stop opportunity to work with any disturbance. Also, you don’t have to sacrifice much as Lenovo sells it for very little.

HP Chromebook 14

HP Chromebook 14 ensures the most effective use of chrome browsers at a steady bargaining price. Considering its 14-inch size this Chromebook comes with a bright blue flush screen. The hardware is very slim and light which makes it ultra-portable and mobile. Unlike the first one, it will give you excellent keyboard facilities although the battery performance is average.

Asus Chromebook Flip

You will never believe that a Chromebook can be this elegant in terms of design until you see Asus Chromebook Flip. Yes, this comes with a smart, sleek and incredible slim design. Ensuring the full HD display and Intel Core processor will give you the power pack performance for a day long. If you want great versatility within a strict budget, then it is the best for you.